Job Description

Singapore University of Social Sciences is seeking qualified research staff to participate in a study of "Employee-Driven Innovations: Goals and Practices for Singapore SMEs" The intent of the project is to develop and validate and innovation audit instrument for Singaporean SMEs to use to audit their innovation health. In addition, toolkits will be developed to complement use of the audit instrument. The approach to this project will be through collection of quantitative data through surveys and running statistical analyses to validate the instrument.

  • Assist in the design data collection instruments (e.g. interview questions and questionnaire).
  • Perform data analysis, specifically statistical analysis
  • Undertake literature reviews, including search, analysis and writing functions.
  • Draft and edit research reports/articles and presentations.
  • Support any other matters/projects that may require assistance from time to time.

Job Requirements

  • At least a Master's degree with preferably an emphasis in one of the following: Psychology, Education or related disciplines.
  • Strong logical thinking and analytical skills
  • Possess data management and cleaning skills
  • Able to conduct statistical analyses such as: correlation, regression, exploratory and confirmatory analysis, and reliability testing
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Good report writing skills
  • Excellent organisational and planning skills
  • Possess the ability to take initiative and to work flexibly, as part of a team, as well as independently with minimum supervision
  • Strong sense of responsibility and positive working attitude.
  •  Able to work within deadlines
  •  Good problem-solving skills
  • Observe a code of strictest confidentiality at all times